SUFISM – A Mystic way to spread the Message of God

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various Prophets who existed in the Islamic world and the sayings of these Prophets that have affected the lives of many at large. It has been observed that Sufism sees no boundaries as far as the barriers of religion, caste, creed and culture are concerned. Sufism means “going Beyond”, which makes the Sufi neither a part of the Islamic body nor separate from it.

It can be considered as a kind of a Universal Movement which had extended its wings in those places also, where other religions and other such barriers have already prevailed, which indicates that the thoughts and observations by these Sufi Saints and poets were so effective and convincing that they were able to harmonize with the day to day life of a common man which in turn made it popular amongst the masses.

According to the Sufis and believers of Sufism,  there are only two kinds of people, the believers who are many in number and the messenger, who are very special and few in number, selected by that ‘One Force’[God] to convey his message to the masses. The communication is only between the God and the messenger and between the messenger and the believers. Sufism brings people irrespective of any country, religion, caste etc, together and conveys the message through the messengers (Sufi saints, poets, singers etc), who enthusiastically try to understand and abide by that very message of peace and harmony.

*Being a wide term, Sufism imbibes in itself a number of expressions which are so much different in their behavior, that on the whole it defies all the human efforts to categorize it into anyone conventional form.  Even the sufis define it in their own ways and according to their own personal beliefs like for some it is a way of life, others take it as a ‘state’ of soul , and yet some describe it as a way to develop and maintain their relationship with God.  Such broad and open minded approach, with no boundaries of rules and regulations, and yet yearning towards attainment of salvation, is what Sufism all about.

adminSUFISM – A Mystic way to spread the Message of God

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