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The Various Nuances of Qawwali – Roohani Sisters

A lot many musical forms came into existence in the Islamic World. These musical forms were introduced by Hazrat Ameer Khusrao and were considered as a part of Qawwali form and pattern of singing. Talking about Ameer Khusrao, who was a profound genius and a great musician of 13th century, after becoming the disciple of

Qawwali – An Influential form of Sufi Music

Sufi poetry has been written in many languages depending upon the origin of the poet/poetess like Punjabi, Sindhi, Arabic and mostly Persian. While going through various poems, it was observed that two aspects were kept in mind while writing the poetry: one was that it was written to be sung and the other was written

“Sama” Spiritual Performance of the Sufis

Sufi Music is the devotional music of the Sufis sama and that tradition of music wherein Sufism and Sufi Philosophy are presented through Sufi poems with music as the vehicle in Sufi Style. Probably there was no other aspect of Sufism that was more contentious and at the same time more popular , than the

Some Female Mystics of the World

There have been a number of women Sufi mystics in this world,  but due to strict societal regulations, only some could come forward. We have tried to compile some of those, not so remembered, yet great saints through this Blog. Rabi’a of Basra, also known as Rabi’a al- Adawaiyya, is regarded as an ideal for

Females In The Sufi World – An Untold Story

Females In The Sufi World – An Untold Story The world famous Islamic Sufi poet Mevlana Jalal-ud-din Rumi (1207-1273) wrote: “Woman is the radiance of God; She is not your Beloved. She is the Creator- you could say that She is not Created.”  In other words, everything has originated from a woman. If we consider

Sufi Poetry and Music-At a Glance

Music is known to have intense effects on the inner sentiments of all beings. All art forms are considered to be mediums through which one can express their feelings. Be it poetry or Music, Dance or painting etc. every art form plays an important role in conveying a variety of emotions instilled in a human

SUFISM-Medium of Connection with the Divine

Sufism is considered as the devotional practice of Islam. Being related to devotion, it is directly or indirectly related to all kinds of human beings in this Universe. Devotion is a feeling which derives its meaning from personal experiences of people. Every person practicing devotion,

SUFISM – A Mystic way to spread the Message of God

various Prophets who existed in the Islamic world and the sayings of these Prophets that have affected the lives of many at large. It has been observed that Sufism sees no boundaries as far as the barriers of religion, caste, creed and culture are concerned. Sufism means “going Beyond”, which makes the Sufi neither a

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