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Roohani Sisters

Roohani Sisters - Dr. Jagriti Luthra Prasanna (Lead Founder) and Dr. Neeta Pandey Negi are the leading vocalists behind the Sufi Jugalbandi concept. Both the vocalists are equally trained and taIented singers.
Dr. Jagriti Luthra Prasanna and Dr. Neeta Pandey Negi, perform Sufiyana Qalams, Qawwali, Kaafi and Ghazals in traditional style along with their own improvisations and variations, merging it with the Jugalbandi style of Indian ClassicaI Music. They also performed many Sufiyana Qalams of Saint like Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid, Rumi and Amir Khusrau.

Dr. Jagriti and Dr. Neeta, who intensely believe in the Sufi Tradition of Music complement each other with their different yet same style of singing. The ability to create that unique connect with the audience has always been a great differentiator. Dr. Jagriti Luthra Prasanna write and compose their own Sufi Qalams that has been a great hit with the listeners.

Additionally, they perform different forms of music such as Nirgun Bhakti Sangeet and Sugam Bhakti Sangeet. Sugam Bhakti Sangeet like Guru Bhajans, Krishna Bhajans, Shiv Bhajans and Devi Bhajans which combines their classicism and modernity in right balance.

Roohani Sisters rendered many poetry accredited to Kabir, Ramdas and Mirabai - the medieval Indian saint to which most of them are self- attribute. There poetries emphasize the transitory nature of life, non-attachment to the mundane, the inevitability of death, and salvation through devotion. They performed Nirgun Bhakti Sangeet at its excellence. This form of worship was propagated by Nirgun saints through their writings and songs by breaking away the oppressive caste and gender hierarchy associated with temple worship of icons.

Devotional music is their specialty. Coming from a Hindu upbringing they are also acknowledge that music has no boundaries. That is why their aim to maintain a balance and perfect blend of compositions consisting of different genres of music comprising Bhajans and Sufi renditions. Their collaboration with Sanskar TV and Divya Channel are a testament to our passion towards performing different forms of music.

Both are doctorates in Sufi Music from Delhi University. Dr. Jagriti has written her thesis on the work and contribution of Lt. Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to Sufi Music while Dr. Neeta has emphasized the contribution of women in Sufi Music. The ability to give mesmerizing and soulful performances has been passed on to them by their respective gurus and elders who believed in their idea of spreading the message of Sufi Saints.

The Roohani Sisters have performed at various prestigious stages of India like Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival, Wajid Ali Shah Festival, Jahan e Khusrau, Dilli Durbaar, Sahitya Aajtak, Jashne-e-Adab, International Sufi and Folk Festivals, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Delhi International Arts Festival, Maha Kumbh Mela in Haridwar etc and also gave interviews for various channels like Doordarshan, ND TV Imagine, Aaj Tak, Pragya, Focus, R TV Bangladesh, Total Bhakti, News18 etc.

Recently, they performed at the 26th edition of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, Morocco.

Empaneled artists of ICCR, SPIC MACAY and Ministry of Minority Affairs.

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Our performance – Damadam Mast Qalandar| Mehfil-e-Qawwali for Jashn-e-Adab during their 8th poetry festival
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International Sufi Fest

Watch our performance at 2nd International Sufi Fest at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
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